COURVIX NETWORK is a network of free internet services.
Currently being offered are free custom email addresses, VPN servers, and an API.
Our VPN servers are DDoS protected and work on gaming platforms such as Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network.

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Custom Email

We offer email inboxes on multiple domains. We have no limits; you can send and receive as many emails as you like.


We have free DDoS protected VPN servers in multiple countries with no speed limits. Our free VPN servers work on numerous streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Apple TV, and more. They also work on Android and iOS with OpenVPN Connect.


Mail Users


VPN Bandwidth

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VPN Servers


The purpose of is to offer free internet based services such as free VPN and free email inbox.

To be totally honest it's because I enjoy doing things, especially if it's for free. It keeps me busy as well, which is another plus.

Yes and no - I'll tell you what that means. What it does mean: servers I set up have network-level DDoS protection in excess of 60Gbps at the very minimum (typically a lot more than that.) What it doesn't mean: the servers are immune to all DDoS attacks. No no no, it doesn't mean that at all.

Yes, they've been confirmed to be working on numerous games and platforms.

Only one limit: you can't send an email to more than one person at once. This is to prevent spam.

Your email account will be banned if you abuse your email account or use it for illegal activity.

No. Your email is your responsibility. Don't even bother asking.

No. Your email is your responsibility. Don't even bother asking.

Send an email to [email protected] with all possible information.

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